• Premium Support
    • Access to the Interaction Solutions Releases via RELEASES
    • Access to the Interaction Solutions Support Portal via Support Portal
    • Interactive contact with Interaction Solutions support staff via social media (Subject to fair use limites)
    • Access to Interaction Solutions Suport staff via scheduled shared services. Currently available via Zoom / Microsoft Teams
  • Standard Support
  • License Only
    • License only -- No access to support services.

Customers with Standard Support and License Only may upgrade their support level by entering into the appropriate maintenance agreement.

1.0 Short term Premium support is available at a standard rate of USD$250/hour, with a minimum of 4hours billing. Each 15 minutes over the initall 4hrs will be billed at USD$75. A valid purchase order must be provided before any support activities begin. ( Subject to availability of support staff)

1.2  Downgrades.  Once a maintenance agreement is signed it is NOT possible to downgrade to a lower service level until the 12 month period has ended.

Interaction Solutions Pty Ltd

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