Migrating to Genesys Cloud® ?

Genesys Cloud® is undoubtably the future for Customer Engagement Centers.

Interaction Archive Player

Interaction Archive Player (IAP) is able to play encrypted and unencrypted archived interactions from the Genesys recording environment.
IAP offers the ability to search and play interactions from an archive space, reducing online storage overhead and allowing interactions to be in a near production ready state.
Notes can be saved for individual interactions with the ability to tag and download each interaction.

Available for PureEngage Premise, PureEngage Cloud and PureConnect.

Storage can be local or in AWS S3.

IAP with Genesys Cloud CX

While GC has its own feature rich interaction recording solution there are use cases where customers cannot keep their recordings within a cloud environment.
Interaction Archive Player allows interactions which have been recorded within the Genesys Cloud to be kept locally.
IAP makes the interactions available in a near production ready state.
For customers migrating from a Genesys Engage solution to Genesys Cloud, both sets of interactions can be viewed within one UI
Deploying a solution to access the valuable legecy records is essential.

Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty is the idea that data are subject to the laws and governance structures within the nation it is collected. The concept of data sovereignty is closely linked with data security, cloud computing and technological sovereignty. (Wikipedia)
IAP is capable of creating a connection to a Genesys Cloud environment to download your interactions to a local storage location of your choice. The destination can be local or in your own cloud environment.

Division Separation

Oranizations with one or more 'Divisions' can enforce seperation at the interaction level.
By assigning a Division to a user, they will only be able to search,view, play and download interactions for their particular Division.

Agent Segment playback

Interaction recordings contain all the events which occured during the lifecycle of an Interaction. This may include an IVR segment, Queueing, Ringing etc. before the Agent begins a conversation with the customer.
IAP allows users to search and play the 'Agent Segment' of voice interactions.
Users can be allocated either 'All' or 'Agent' within their assigned profile in IAP. Setting to 'All' allows the user to hear the total recording while a user with an 'Agent' setting will hear the conversation from
when the agent began to interact with the customer.

Business Unit/Line of Business Extraction Module

QM Module - Engage Premise/Cloud

The extraction module allows customers to organize their archived interactions into specific business units.

Simply create new business units, then assign your appropriate Access Groups via drag and drop.
The file sizes are calculated as they are assigned to indicate the combined file sizes which will be required when the Business Unit is exported.
Business Units then become the respository for an individual segment of an organization.

Choose your media export type

When creating the export a user may select whether to export as .mp3 or .wav

Line of Business analytics extract

Utilizing the Business Units module a subset of interactions can be exported.
  • Select the required Business Unit/LOB
  • Select a Date Range
  • Choose selection Criteria : A random set of {x} calls or a percentage
  • Select destination : Local storage or Cloud storage
  • Process ....
  • The output is sorted by :
  • Business Unit/Line of Business
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Encrypted calls will be unencrypted before export.
    Requires 'Export' privileges

    Search/Sort calls using the following search criteria:

    Utilize multiple search criteria

  • Agent name
  • Caller Number
  • Call duration (from – to)
  • CallId
  • Play encrypted calls
  • Agent ID number
  • Dialed number
  • Date and time (from – to)
  • Sort by Access Group
  • CallUUID
    • Direction (Incoming/Outgoing/Internal/Consult)
    • Metadata - Attached Data fields

    Features navigation controls to simplify search and play features.

    Playing Voice Recordings

    Interactions are displayed in a simple table format. Important columns have search options. Simply begin typing the value and the filter will begin removing unwanted entries.

    Users may view all interactions or select various options such as call type. Inbound, Outbound, Consult and Internal.

    Selecting interactions with specific duration is simply a matter of setting a minumum and maximum interaction length.

    Filter between voice and screen recordings - Both by default

    Interactions saved as stereo are represented by individual media streams.

    • Easy to understand Waveform display with split audio view.
    • Mono calls are sent to both channels of playback headset


    Displays a Stereo wave display of interactions.
    Mono recordings can be split to play in stereo headset.
    Individual volume control for each channel
    Download media, metadata and notes.
    Zoom in and out of wave form.

    Deployment Options

    Customers' premise as either physical or Virtual server
    Customers' AWS Cloud account
    Customers' Azure account
    Interaction Solutions AWS or Azure account in your local region

    Screen Recordings

    Screen Recordings can also be viewed utilizing a browser embedded video player.
    The user experience is the same as the original user would have seen.
    Using full screen mode the full agent screen is displayed

    Again, both encrypted and unencrypted interactions can be viewed.

    Manager View

    Team managers can search for interactions handled by team members by date range

    Managers can view all their team members' interactions filtered by Date/Time

    Single Sign On

    Utilize saml 2.0 to have a single sign on to the application

    One login to the application using your corporate credentials

    Push or Pull

    IAP can gather its information from multiple sources

    Pull Method

    Scheduled tasks can connect to the storage and extract the required metadata information from :
  • Customers NFS/Storage medium
  • AWS S3 bucket - Supports access across multiple buckets
  • Push Method

    Ingest the required information via external functions
    As interaction information is copied to the archive location IAP can receive the metadata.
    In particular, for interactions from Genesys Cloud being exported to S3 buckets we can provie a lambda function to push the metadata to IAP.

    Attached Data Search

    Attached Data values are appended to Premise interactions by routing strategies. They can be used to track progress of the interaction through its lifecycle. Users can search for metadata key/value pairs by selecting a desired key name from a list. The system then searches for all possible occurrances. Once selected a list of all possible values which have been assigned.
    Select an appropriate value and the system will present a list of calls which match the key/value pair.

    File Download

    Clicking on the Download icon will mark an interaction for download.
    Multiple rows can be selected.

    Bulk interaction download is also available. An audit trail is kept of who requested a download, when and which interactions they downloaded. An archive of a selected interaction can be made which contains audio or video files, associated notes and the original metadata .json file.

    The archive is then available to download.

    Using the bulk download facility a user can download a set of interactions. Using multiple filters to get the exact set required.

    Play encrypted interactions

    IAP automatically detects encrypted files and applies the appropriate decrypt key to allow the interaction to be played.

    User management

    IAP employs a user management interface which makes administrating users and permissions simple

    User Access Groups

    IAP adhers to the GIR access groups as defined in the metadata.json file for each interaction.
    Users will default to their assigned groups but can select any valid groups to display interactions

    API access

    IAP includes a number of API's which customers can access to retrieve information related to their intereactions
    Contact us for more details