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Plays Audio/Video

Rapid Deloyment

Interaction Archive Player

Able to play encrypted and unencrypted archived interactions. IAP offers the ability to search and play interactions from an archive space, reducing online storage overhead and allowing interactions to be in a near production ready state. Notes can be saved for individual interactions with the ability to tag and download each interaction. An archive of a selected interaction can be made which contains audio or video files, associated notes and the original metadata .json file.


  • Stereo wave display of interactions.
  • Mono recordings can be split to play in stereo headset.
  • Zoom in and out of wave form.
  • Individual volume control for each channel.
  • Create notes which are appended to interaction records.
  • Download media, metadata and notes.

Interaction Notes

Notes can be saved for each call and, if the user has the appropriate authorization level, they can download the interaction.

File Download

Click on the CallId in any row marks the interaction for download.
Multiple rows can be selected. An archive of a selected call contains the audio/video file, associated notes and the original metadata .json file. The archive is then available to download.

Two players in One

Simply by specifying a source location for the interactions to be played users can access recorded calls and screen recordings directly from the GIR environment or from an archive storage location. The application automatically determines if the particular interaction is encrypted or not and applies the appropriate decryption processes. Defined by a license file entry, users can log in to either flavour of the application. Their viewable experience remains exactly the same across both recent and historic calls.

Play encrypted interactions

IAP automatically detects encrypted files and applies the appropriate decrypt key to allow the interaction to be played.

User management

IAP employs a user management interface which makes administrating users and permissions simple

Playing Voice Recordings

Interactions are displayed in a simple table format. Each column is sortable and a search option will search each column.

Users may view all interactions or select various options such as call type, Inbound, Outbound, Consult and Internal.

Selecting interactions with specific duration is simply a matter of setting a minumum and maximum interaction length.

Filter between voice and screen records - Both are displayed by default

Playing Stereo Recordings

Interactions saved as stereo are represented by individual media streams.

Individual volume control for the caller and agent allow the user to selectively listen to each channel of the conversation.

Interactions adhere to the Genesys Access Groups. Each user is assigned to a particular group or groups and will only view interactions for that particular group.

Playing Screen Recordings

Utilizing a browser embedded video player screen recordings can be viewed.

Deployment Models



Single Node
Consists of 2 servers
1 Database Server.
1 Web Server
no Disaster recovery options


Dual Node
Each node has a web server and a database server with full database replication between the nodes.
Node 1 would normally be a production environment while the second would be a Disaster Recovery site.


Multi Node
Consists of two or more Galaxy sets.
Provides full database replication across all nodes.
Adding more Galaxy sets allows for multi-region or multi-national deployments.

Each model can be upgraded to the next level and beyond.



Genesys App Foundry

Check Interaction Archive Player on the Genesys App Foundary

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