Cloud Based deployment

Auto sizing deployment in either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud.

Designed to ensure optimum performance.

Available across multipe availability zones.

Allows for end to end encryption of information

Premise Based deployment
Each deployment depends upon the number of interactions to be processed.
As an indication

Ideal for sites with less than 1 million calls/year

Single Node

Typically consists of 1 dedicated server which hosts both the database and the web server.
No Disaster recovery options
Depending on interaction numbers the design is flexible.


Suitable for sites with between 1 and 10 million recorded interactions per year.

The minimun requirement:
1 database server
1 Webserver


Multi Site for more than 10 million interactions per year
Consists of two or more Galaxy sets.
Provides full database replication across all nodes.
Adding more Galaxy sets allows for multi-region or multi-national deployments.

Each installation is individually configured to suite the requiremnets of the customer.

It is not possible to provide performance test guidelines as each customer's data and configuration are unique.